Choose the Right Tyre for Your Car

February 12th, 2015

There are many considerations that you are required to make to guarantee a safe and efficient ride. While commonly overlooked, the type of tyres that you choose will have a great impact upon your overall driving experience. So, what will you have to take into consideration when selecting the correct style and design? This is a great question that deserves a bit more attention.

car tyre


The tyre tread is extremely important. This will allow your vehicle to adequately grip the road while in motion. Of course, different treads equate to differing driving conditions. Deep grooves can help to channel water on wet roads; offering higher levels of safety. Snow tyres will likewise contain treads which grip the surface. These are important for braking and negotiating curves. Finally, there are all-weather tyres which boast universal handling capabilities. However, it should be recognised that specialty tyres for different seasons are generally recommended.

Aspect Ratio

This is also known as the profile. In simplest terms, this ratio can be thought of as the relationship between the width and the height. Wider tyres with less height provide a firmer base but can be a bit noisier than thinner variants with a higher sidewall. On the contrary, less width and more height are better for dry conditions and they can help to increase your petrol mileage.

Load Rating

This is another common concern which can be overlooked. The reason that a load rating is so important arises from the fact that not all tyres can support the same amount of weight. If you purchase a model that is not designed to handle the mass of your vehicle, you risk a possible blowout. Therefore, check the load rating of your vehicle and always make certain that the specifications of the tyre fall within this range.

By appreciating these simple variables, you will be certain to select the correct tyre for your needs and enjoy a better overall driving experience.