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Puncture Proof Tires for Cars

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For many motorists, getting a flat tire is one of the things they dread most. Not only is a flat tire extremely inconvenient, motorists will have to go through a lengthy repair process and possibly even purchase a costly new tire. Fortunately, a number of solutions have been developed to make punctured tires a thing of the past.

Bridgestone Puncture Proof Tires

The boffins at Bridgestone have created a new type of airless tires that ensure that drivers will never get a puncture while providing perfect shock absorption. The design is an improvement on Michelin’s airless tires, which were released back in 2006. The Bridgestone version uses thermoplastic resin spokes, which radiate outwards from the inner hub all the way to the outer rim, coming out at a 45 degree angle. When these spokes are combined with another set of spokes placed on the opposite side and radiating out in the opposite direction, extra strength, flexibility and stability are provided. Drivers who have fitted their vehicle with a set of Bridgestone Puncture Proof Tires will be able to drive through broken glass without fear and the tires are made from recycled plastics and rubber. This means that the tires can be fully recycled once the tread has become worn.


Revolutionary technology has been used to create strong and pneumatic tires that cannot be punctured by sharp objects such as nails and broken glass. The tires are extremely long lasting and ensure a safer ride complete with better handling and even enhanced fuel consumption. The special technology can be used on tires of any size, making it suitable for all kinds of vehicles. The unique technology features PhinoPlex polymer, which is applied to the interior of the tires to seal punctures and ensure that the tire never goes flat.

Tire Sealant

The innovative Punctureproof tire sealant has been specially tested and shown to prevent punctures, no matter what the driving conditions may be. The sealant comes complete with a guarantee that tires will never lose pressure once it has been applied. Applying the Punctureproof tire sealant takes just a few minutes and drivers are ready to hit the open road almost instantly. The special sealant is a low cost solution for people who want to make sure that their tires will never be prone to punctures but do not want to fork out money for a brand new set of tires.

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