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When to repair your car tires and when to buy new

March 3rd, 2015

Replacing your vehicle’s tyres can sometimes be an unwanted expense that you could do without. In certain situations, tyres must be thoroughly inspected before determining whether they can be repaired or not. Below is a list of reasons when you should repair your worn tyres or change them altogether.

Check for wear and tear

If you take your car to your nearest Michelin and show them the location of the treading on your tyre, they will examine the main grooves of the tread. If the surface of the rubber is flat on the raised areas, this is below the legal limit of 1.6 millimetres. You should consider changing your tyres as you are breaking the law. Even if the depth of the tread is higher than 1.6 mm, you are still putting your life in danger, particularly on slippery roads. Michelin tyres have a symbol of snowflake on the tread wear indicators and they are around 4 mm high. These ensure that you get the maximum grip on snow for traction and braking.

See if your tyre shows signs of aging

Tyres have no lifespan or expiry date. Even if you don’t use them, they can still wear out and age. Many factors such as adverse weather, temperature, road conditions, speed, pressure, and everyday use can affect their life. To get access to a complete guide on when to change your tyres, go to this link.

Consider the type of car you drive

If you drive a sporty car, don’t expect your tyres to last longer than 20,000 miles. A vehicle with power steering and handling will have a shorter tyre lifespan. 4×4 cars also boast horsepower and need bigger tyres to handle their ultra-high performance. To unleash your car’s extra horses, make sure you choose the most suitable tyres and carry out regular repairs on them. Take a look at this mechanic’s top tips on buying new tires.

Check if your tyre is damaged

If you hit any solid objects on the road or fall into a pothole, you can cause damage to your tyres. Only the most experienced mechanics can determine whether the tyres need changing or repairing. Keep in mind not to use damaged or flat tyres unless they have been properly checked by a professional. A thorough inspection is necessary as the damage or puncture is not always visible while the tyre is mounted at the auto service centre.

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